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Welcome to Rachel White Photography,

This page will help you plan for your next photo session with us.

The process, cost and after your session…
 After initial contact we will plan to have a very brief 30 minute meeting to discuss and schedule your event or portrait session. This will give me a chance to get to know you and your family and for you to ask any questions you might have. Also this is when we schedule your session and choose a location. Depending on your situation this meeting might not always have to happen, but it is best for the both of us.

Bridal meetings need to plan for a longer meeting (one hour).  


Portrait session location fee $100

Event booking fee $150

Wedding cost between $1500- $2500
Bridal and "Day After" sessions included

After your session expect to receive an email with a link to your proofs within three weeks of your session. Wedding will receive a proof book within one month.   

All sessions are done on location. We could meet at your favorite place like the beach, park, city or we could even shoot at your home. I have a list of places around Hampton Roads that would suite your personality.

Clothing should be planned according to the location of the session and the time of year. My advice would be to wear something that compliments you not the other way around. Plain shirts or sweaters, dresses are the best. Don’t wear anything too busy and complicated. You want the portrait to be about you not what you’re wearing.  

Also, you can bring a change of clothes. I will be taking many photographs to be sure to get exactly what you want.  When choosing what to wear just keep in mind that you might get it dirty. Examples would be getting wet and sandy at the beach or sitting on the ground in a garden.  So be prepared, and plan ahead.

If you want to see more photographs visit my blog. http://rachwhite.wordpress.com/
Contact: Dani White 757.572.6813 or email rfron002@gmail.com for any questions and bookings or use the contact tool below.

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